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3 Popular Motivational Speaking Myths Busted by Motivational Speaker Success

If we would be honest about it, we will tell you that only 1% of all the motivational speakers find mainstream success, and even less of them make millions and sell millions of copies of books. We can also tell you that motivational speaking is one of the professions that pose higher attrition rate (or resignation) and higher chances of amassing failure. We, at motivational-speaker-success.com, will be utterly quick to give you a glimpse of reality because that is how the profession really works.

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Fortunately, you do not have to belong to the majority. It is our self-imposed obligation to guarantee that. You can be successful and famous, but before you try to learn the secrets that make a successful motivational speaker, first, you have to unlearn the ideas and beliefs that stop you from looking at motivational speaking from a clearer angle.
What are the common myths that surround this profession? Let us bust them for you here at motivational-speaker-success.com.

Myth #1: Motivational speaking means self-employment.

Fact: Although the speaker is the star, he is not alone in running the business. He cannot.

No matter how good you are in speaking and writing your own speech, you will still have to work with your own team or better yet, with a company, if you want to reach the highest level of success the profession promises. You need an agent to market, book and negotiate for you, management staff to take care of your image, the legalities and paperwork, and the accounting needs, researchers and writers to help you come up with powerful speeches regardless of how many engagements you have, technical staff to take care and operate the various equipment that you will need for your presentations, personal assistant or secretary to take care of the menial things while you focus on your delivery, and other job vacancies that may be filled depending on how successful you are.

You need to have a network and start-up capital upon entering the business. It is a business, after all. We regret to say that talent is rarely enough.

Myth #2: Being a motivational speaker is a fast way to make millions.

Fact: It is, if you are already a celebrity branching out to other lucrative fields.

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin is the best example of that. For someone who is virtually unknown though, there is a generally accepted timetable that you need to look at. As mentioned, motivational speaking is a business. Like with any other businesses, setting it up takes time.

It normally takes six months to plan the whole gig and put everything in place, from planning how to attack your field of expertise to hiring all the essential people you need.
It normally takes nine months to book your first speaking engagement and 12 months to book a major one. That is the time when your team starts to function past the planning and preparation stage.

Motivational-SpeakerIt normally takes two years before you start earning bigger than your full-time job. It normally takes an average of five years before you can start receiving offers to speak abroad, write a book, guest on TV shows, and be featured in magazines.

The bottom line: If you want to become a motivational speaker, be sure to have enough money for the months or years to come. It is not our intention at motivational-speaker-success.com to discourage you. Rather, it is our mission to prepare you.

Myth #3: Offering your service for free is the fastest way to succeed.

Fact: This one is a little tricky.

It is a myth because event planners and agents will not take a risk and spend a lot of money on someone who does not earn well enough for months, probably years. Sponsors also do not like the idea of offering free service because they want someone who knows his real value. However, it is also a fact because audience always want something free.

You can offer your service for free, but never overdo it. Doing this very often may lead to doubts over your real abilities and worth as a speaker. You need to have the right timing and right people to work with if you are planning this. Otherwise, you will just make yourself look very desperate to book an event.
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