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Save a Few Dollars on Golf Balls

Golf is an expensive sport. In fact, it is consistently one of the sports always used to portray how the rich spend their leisurely time. This, however, does not mean that only the rich can play. Anyone who wants to, can, as long as he is willing to invest a substantial amount in playing. This article will show how one can save up on playing golf through golf balls.

1.Get Fitted

GolfA great investment means purchasing something that would be used for a long time and would benefit the player in the best way possible. Golf balls could be among these great investments, as long as the right ones are chosen. To make the right choice, a player could have a golf ball fitting. This means matching the skills of the player with the characteristics of the different types of golf balls. This is possible because different types of balls demand different kinds of drives. For example, there are balls that require a certain range of swing speed for maximum distance.

A person should also be aware if he has a high likelihood of losing his golf ball. For people like this, it is best to purchase recreational balls and steer clear of advanced balls. The recreational balls are balls designed for a typical player but are substantially less expensive.

2.Match the place and the ball

A golf player need not buy an official golf ball when he would rather frequent driving ranges rather than actual golf courses. There are certain types of golf balls called the practice or the range balls, which are best for driving ranges. The practice ball is similar to an official golf ball but has a shorter flight distance. The former is great for beginners, particularly those still practicing different swings. These balls are made as inexpensive as possible so losing a few of these would not hurt that much.


There are recycled balls available in the market. These are balls found by the ground keepers of golf courses. They are often the lost ones, the ones that fell in the water or sand hazard, or those set aside and forgotten. The courses collect and sell these to companies that repair golf equipment. These firms clean the balls and remove any abrasions and scratches. The balls which are in the worst stage of wear and tear are reshaped. Such companies then grade the balls according to the quality after repair. The graded balls are then sold to the public for cheap.

There are two types of recycled balls. The first is the shags. These balls have undergone the worst situations and cannot be fixed properly. They are below average quality since abrasions and scratches still litter the surface of the balls. They are, however, best for training and practice games.

The second type is the top-grade balls. These recycled balls appear newly made. They are of average to above-average quality and can even be used during games.

4.Don’t reject the rejects

Golf-ballThere are golf balls called the Mark-outs or X outs that are actually rejects of the manufacturing firms. These are rejected by the manufacturing firms because these balls did not meet the criteria for quality. The firms do not want to sell these rejects under their brand names but also do not want to waste money from its production, so they sell the Mark-outs to discount and retail stores.

Mark-outs, despite not passing the standards set by manufacturing companies, are still acceptable in terms of the standards set by the R&A and the USGA. They also do not show any significant issues regarding flight behaviour. They are great for leisure games, trainings, and practices, but are not allowed to be used during official games, for more details visit Rockbottomgolf our official website.